• David Tyrer

Liverpool getting three points are all that matters to match-winner Gini Wijnaldum

There were 70 minutes on the clock, Divock Origi had just prior come off the bench to try and freshen Liverpool's attack up but it was all looking quite one-dimensional.

But then Gini Wijnaldum unleashed the sort of shot we rarely see from the Dutch midfielder from the edge of the box. It possessed such power that it forced an uncharacteristic mistake from the usually reliable Dean Henderson who allowed it to wriggle under him.

Up to that point it was beginning to look increasingly like this would be the end of our long winning run, possible even the end of our unbeaten run, but that ineffable ability we seem to have under Jurgen Klopp rose to the surface once again.

For the match winner too, the points were all that mattered today. The poor performance and way we won are not important in a game like this.

He told BTSport after the game: "In the beginning of the season it’s good if you collect as many points as possible because normally during the season you progress – so hopefully we’re not at our best now but at the end of the season we will be.

"That’s why it’s really good if you collect a lot of points right now and that’s what we’re doing.

"We didn’t start the game well. The manager showed us back what we did in the first half; we slowed the game down too much and that’s why they could stop our attacks. It was difficult.

"In the second half we tried to do it better but even then it was not the best game we had. But another win, that’s the most important thing. A few years ago we were struggling to win games like this. This season – and last season also – it’s going quite well."


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