• David Tyrer

Liverpool FC fined by UEFA over Champions League fireworks

The Reds can't catch a break at the moment, or in March, at least, as UEFA slapped the club with a fine today over fireworks that fans let off during a Champions League tie.

After fans let off fireworks at Anfield on 11th March, UEFA have taken the decision to fine Liverpool €3,250 (£2,838). A drop in the ocean, sure, but after going out in extra-time, before the season was curtailed, it'll feel like another kick in the teeth.

Liverpool were knocked out on aggregate, after a 3-2 defeat at Anfield, despite having taken a well-deserved lead in extra-time. An Adrian cock-up, of course, eventually costing us a place in the quarter finals.

But as the European competitions looks set to be cancelled this season, with the likelihood of the season starting up anytime soon looking a slim prospect, it won't be all that bad at all for the Reds. We'll probably get many time more that in prize money anyway!


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