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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool earn more TV revenue than any other European side in 2018-19 season

Are you surprised? We're not surprised, and we doubt you are either. But the news is official: Liverpool earned more TV revenue in the last 12 months than any other Premier League team.

That number amounts to £152 million all-in-all, which is just an insane amount of money for one club to earn.

In fact, the Reds actually earned more money than any other side in Europe last season. Which is a little more surprising considering some European sides negotiate their own TV deals, whilst Liverpool are part of the Premier League's package.

Swiss Ramble worked out the figures, take a look at their Tweet below from today:

The club led the way from Man City, who earned around £1 million less. But considering City's financial clout and their domestic treble, it's remarkable to see Liverpool dominating these figures after just 3 years under Jurgen Klopp.

It also goes to show how important the brand of football we play is, as well as winning the Champions League for the sixth time.


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