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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool City Council launches investigation into Liverpool vs Atletico

After the LFC vs Atletic Madrid game was allowed to go ahead on 11th March, there have been calls from fans, MPs and pundits alike to investigate why the game went ahead.

Spain was just about to feel the absolute worst of its Coronavirus outbreak, with Madrid in lockdown, whilst the UK was yet to do the same. But over 3,000 Spanish fans were allowed to travel to Liverpool anyway. With little advice from the Tory government.

But it's been announced today that Liverpool's own mayor Joe Anderson has asked the city's public health director to launch an investigation into whether the move to allow those Atleti fans to travel to Liverpool has made the situation in the city worse than it could've been.

Liverpool currently has more than 1250 cases in the city, which is one of the highest (per million) outside of London. The city of Liverpool is much smaller than many of the largest in the UK, in terms of population and many believe our numbers were worsened due to that.

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