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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool are the fairest team in the Premier League

For a long time, throughout the 90's, there was one table that Liverpool regularly topped: the Fair Play league.

Sure, it's nothing to be overly proud of, it doesn't actually count toward your overall tally of trophies but it was a point of pride that the Reds often went about their business in the most fair way possible.

Well this season it looks as if we could well end up topping two tables, with Liverpool FC once again comfortably the Fair Play table once again. This time, we may even win the league, to boot!

The Reds have currently only received just 21 yellow cards, and have yet to see a single straight red. Chelsea are 2nd, having received 12 more yellows.

Premier League Fair Play table

Liverpool, 27 points

Chelsea, 33 points

Tottenham, 37 points

Manchester City, 39 points

Bournemouth, 43 points

Arsenal, 46 points

Newcastle United, 47 points

West Ham, 49 points

Cardiff City, 49 points

Huddersfield Town, 49 points

Crystal Palace, 51 points

Fulham, 51 points

Wolves, 53 points

Brighton, 54 points

Watford, 55 points

Leicester, 56 points

Burnley, 59 points

Everton, 62 points

Southampton, 62 points

Manchester United, 63 points

It's perhaps no surprise to see Manchester United sitting bottom of this particular table, and you wonder how many more points they'd have if they didn't get a free ride from a lot of Premier League officials!

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