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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool are good but won't reach same level as last season - Diouf

Former Liverpool player (and you hate saying that), El-Hadji Diouf has been getting little attention of late, and why would an average, at best, footballer get any at all?

The fact that he was speaking to Mirror Sport, tells you that he was probably asked very pointed questions to grab a story.

So, unsurprisingly, he's had little good to say about us: "They were very good last season. I don’t think they are going to be able to play like that this season."

It's sad to think what could've been where Diouf is concerned, as we gave up the chance to sign Nicolas Anelka and plumped for the Senegal forward based on a few displays at the World Cup in 2002.

Things are different now though, but still, Diouf doesn't believe we'll be able to attain the same levels this season.

He continued: "They missed the chance to win the title last season, because you know in football every season is different, and if you look at the way they went all out for it last season it will be impossible for them to do it again this season.

"That level they were last season was an unbelievable level and look at the way they lost it, with a point difference, so we have to be realistic to ourselves.

"They have great competitors in City, and they've long been a team that has fought so hard for the title, so for me I maintain that Liverpool will not be able to produce that level of performance they did last season."

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