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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool are 8 points clear & Man City players don't want to look

It makes beautiful reading for Liverpool fans right now, seeing our team sitting so far ahead of last season's winners Man City.

The sad fact is though, that it's only for Liverpool fans. If you took to social media after the match yesterday afternoon, and most of us do, you'll have found fans of 95% of other English clubs bemoaning our luck and the bias of the FA.

For Man City players though, it's probably hardest of all. Just ask Ilkay Gundogan, who said after the match: "When you are in front and top of the table, it feels great to look at it.

"Now it is tougher to look at it, there is quite a gap already and none of us are watching the table now.

"We will get opportunities in the upcoming months but at the moment it is something we have to accept and live with."

The champions have so far lost to Wolves and away to Norwich City, whilst they also dropped points at home to Spurs.

Liverpool, on the other hand, have won 8 straight matches and could equal a record set by Man City a couple of seasons ago against Utd in a couple of week's time.

Until then, it'll be a rough few weeks for Liverpool fans who are thoroughly enjoying this season so far as it looks like we just can't lose at the moment.

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