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  • David Tyrer

LFC winning Premier League in 2014 would've had 'more merit', says Luis Suarez

You can always rely on former Liverpool forward Luis Suarez for a bit of controversy, but this time, he probably has something of a point.

Liverpool are currently sitting 8 points clear of Leicester and Chelsea, 9 ahead of champions Man City and look to have as good a chance as any in recent memory of winning the Premier League.

But Suarez reckons that to have won it when he was in his final season at the club would've been far more impressive than if we win it now.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: "It is difficult because the season is very long.

"But they have a nice advantage at the moment and with this current Liverpool side, it's complicated (to imagine) them letting that slip.

"But we all know how football is. They had a similar advantage at one stage last season and, in the end, Manchester City won the league."

Liverpool will have their first 3pm kick off in a while tomorrow, whilst Man City actually take on Chelsea at the Etihad in the 5:30pm kick off. Meaning we could be even further ahead of both sides by the time that match kicks off.

But the lead the Reds currently have is similar to that with Suarez's Liverpool side blew. He continued: "We were close to winning the league at Liverpool with young players.

"We almost managed it without the budget they have today. Given everything Liverpool are now, to have won it then would have had more merit."

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