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  • David Tyrer

LFC want to trademark the word 'Liverpool'

So news this morning (that wouldn't normally be news, but it's a slow day) claim that Liverpool are trying to trademark the word 'Liverpool'.

The club and the city, of course, as well as - at least - 11 others places around the world (not to mention other football clubs) use the name Liverpool so it may not be that easy.

However, the club has stated (via the Liverpool Echo) that it only wants to put the trademark through with regards to football products and services.

Speaking to the Echo, and LFC spokesperson said: "We are applying to register ‘Liverpool’ as a trademark but only in the context of football products and services.

"We are not, and wouldn’t ever, seek to register ‘Liverpool’ across the board.

"This application is strictly to protect the club and supporters from those benefiting from inauthentic products.

"The benefits to the club to have this protection in place are to ensure all revenues from official products and services are channelled back into the club and this is reinvested into the team and supporting infrastructure."

The club, then, are only looking to trademark the term in relation to the club and football, in order to protect merchandising and sponsorship around the world, as the 'brand' of the club grows constantly.


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