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  • David Tyrer

LFC to enter the EFL Trophy for the first time

Liverpool have today announced that they will enter an U-21 side into the EFL Trophy for the first time next season.

The club had previously chosen not to enter a team into the competition but U-23's manager Neil Critchley has explained what the future benefits can be from this decision.

Speaking to, he said: "The obvious [benefit] is playing against men, which we don't get too many times at U23 level.

"Playing against senior players, men, experienced players is different to playing in some of the games we play.

"Playing in stadiums, in front of supporters brings out that little bit of added pressure.

"You want to see our players play under pressure at this age because the next step is the biggest step to take."

We can only see this as a good decision for the club, allowing young players the chance of valuable first-team experience when they're not out on loan.

The Reds will be entered into the stages that begin at the start of September this year.

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