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  • David Tyrer

LFC throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark responds to Nicol criticism

He's become something of an old, miserable curmudgeon in his retirement, has Stevie Nicol. Someone who, despite our recent success, only sees the negatives.

So to hear him absolutely losing his shit, a few days ago over Liverpool's use of a throw-in coach was a little bit concerning, and disheartening.

Liverpool have actually been benefiting from having Gronnemark, the club's throw-in coach, and we've seen some positive returns from having him.

But Nicol thinks it's all hocus pocus, like any good old British lad does. They'd prefer it if football was all '442', with defenders defending, and forwards doing nothing but scoring goals.

The former Liverpool full-back is stuck in the past and it was a disappointing attack on a man that one of the best coaches in world football has seen fit to bring into the club.

Gronnemark though, has responded to Nicol on social media, in a very measured way. He said: "TWO kinds of CRITISM.

"THE CONSTRUCTIVE - where people are suggesting potential improvement based on knowledge, and make people or projects grow.

"THE DESTRUCTIVE - where people are criticizing from an uninformed position, or do it because of self promotion.

"What do you choose?"

No doubt the Liverpool legend will find the time to respond in his usual, loud and nasty way, but it may be about time that we stop listening to the nonsese that comes out of his mouth.

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