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  • David Tyrer

LFC release statement, expressing disappointment in Joe Anderson

Earlier today, quotes emerged from Joe Anderson discussing what the plan should be for the current league season ending, with the Mayor backing LFC being given the title.

But Anderson also added that, part of the reason for his calls to end the season and simply award us the title, is that Liverpool fans couldn't be trusted to not turn up at Anfield if games occurred behind closed doors.

He said: "Even if it was behind closed doors, there'd be many thousands of people who would turn up outside Anfield.

"I think it would be really difficult for the police to keep people apart and maintain social distancing if they were going to celebrate outside Anfield, it would be farcical.

"It's difficult for us to try to stop people gathering in parks when the weather has been good, especially young people.

"And I fear people would just ignore it."

No doubt about it, we'd all find it excruciatingly hard to know we'd won the title but no being able to celebrate it. And missing that visceral feeling of knowing it was secured with a goal or final whistle would be awful.

But a title is still a title. And LFC fans will respect the social distancing guidelines, regardless of what the final outcome is. So Anderson's comments are nothing more than a predictable attempt to take another dig at the club and its fan base, once again.

The statement from LFC in response to Anderson's comment read: As a club, we are aware of and disappointed by comments attributed to Mayor Joe Anderson in a media interview which was published today. As well as a lack of evidence to support such claims, we would also point to recent discussions with Mayor Anderson relating to the possibility of any behind-closed-doors football, which concluded that it is important that key stakeholders across the city continue to engage and work collaboratively. In recent weeks, we have engaged with supporters’ groups who have informed us of their determination to respect social distancing measures and, in the event of a resumption of football being announced, we would continue to work with them and other key stakeholders in keeping with our collective desire to achieve this crucial objective. As part of our ongoing operations, we are in regular contact with the Mayor and his office and we hope these conversations can continue. In the meantime, our primary focus remains responding to the humanitarian crisis which continues to unfold and in particular providing ongoing support to various NHS initiatives and those experiencing food poverty and social isolation.

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