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  • David Tyrer

LFC release 2019/20 New Balance strip

They probably couldn't have picked a more appropriate day to do it - less than a day after mauling Porto again and moving into another Champions League semi-final against Barcelona, but LFC have released the new strip for the 2019/20 season this morning.

The strip, made by New Balance, is an homage to the famous strip from the 80's (82-83 season specifically), when Crown Paints adorned the front of our kit. But the finishing touch is a tribute to the late, great Liverpool manager Bob Paisley.

The strip contains Bob's signature on the back of the collar, with a list of the greatest LFC manager's achievements inside the shirt.

As it's the final strip they'll produce during the current kit deal, New Balance have absolutely nailed it. The kit is beautiful, the goalkeeper strip has also got fans swooning and we can't wait to see the lads take the field in it next season.

You can get your hands on one by pre-ordering on the official LFC website now. Take a look below:

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