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  • David Tyrer

LFC news: Alisson, Keita and Clyne injury updates

Once the international break is over this week, the Reds will play first this weekend, giving us a chance to extend our lead at the top of the league. Albeit only slightly temporarily.

And while the international break wasn't a welcome occurrence, it has given a number of injured players a chance to creep back up to fitness again.

So there's a few updates on those players, as we move towards the Newcastle game at Anfield this coming Saturday (via the Liverpool Echo).

Alisson is reportedly still not close to a return, despite claims to the contrary from the club shortly after his injury that it wouldn't be a long one. It appears he is likely to not be back until the end of September, start of October as he continues his return to training.

For Keita there is apparently no real news on his return, and it appears we're likely to be without the midfielder for the foreseeable future. Knowing how susceptible to injury he is, and considering his injury occurred before the season began, it does not look good.

However, one bit of positive news is that it looks likely he'll be out for a matter of weeks, rather than months, before returning to training. But in all honesty, we've heard that too many times in the past to believe it!

Finally for Clyne, the only real update is that he is still likely to be out for up to six months. As Klopp put it, 'the only silver lining is that it's a straightforward ACL injury'.

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