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  • David Tyrer

LFC move for Gotze 'makes no sense' according to Klopp

One of the longest running transfer rumours that Liverpool have ever had surely has to be Mario Gotze, who has again been linked with a move to the club in the 'summer'.

Liverpool were linked with the German forward long prior to Jurgen's arrival and things only turned up a few notches once he did come to Anfield.

In fact, we actually almost signed him, but for Gotze to scupper his own chances by wanting to hold out for a Champions League club.

He got his wish, moved back to Dortmund but things just haven't worked out again. And now the 27 year old looks likely to be on the move again in the summer.

So the links to LFC were, perhaps, probably inevitable. But if you believe what the Evening Standard has to say, Klopp doesn't think that particular move makes any sense at all.

Many fans and 'experts' believe that the German star would be a perfect replacement for the likes of Shaqiri and Lallana, both of whom who are expected to be leaving in the summer. But if Klopp doesn't want him, we certainly won't be seeing him any time soon.

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