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  • David Tyrer

LFC fans at Anfield now looking unlikely anytime soon

A new update from the government today has all but confirmed that fans won't be allowed into stadiums any time soon.

It was suggested that a few tentative moves in that direction may come around mid-October but given the announcement today that groups of more than 6 will not be allowed to gather.

That doesn't seem to exclude schools, offices, other workplaces, public transport, etc. but football stadiums appear to be well down on the list of priorities. Which is funny, considering how low down they also were when it came to closing public spaces too.

Originally, it was planned that a review of plans to allow small numbers of fans back into stadiums was scheduled for October but even that is unlikely to happen now. It looks as if we may have to win our 20th league title in an empty Anfield stadium too.

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