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  • David Tyrer

LFC fan who racially abused family at Anfield banned for life

Following quickly on from Jurgen Klopp's comments about how to respond to racist chants at football grounds, Liverpool FC have acted and banned the LFC fan that racially abused a visiting family during the LFC Foundation Legends match last weekend.

The Northern Irish Liverpool fan, Steven Gallagher, who had himself travelled from Ballymena was heard and witnessed racially abusing Amir Malik and his family, including his 5-year old son who had accidentally knocked into Gallagher's seat with his foot.

The 37-year old went of a racially-charged tirade against Malik and his family and was ejected from Anfield, later spending 2 nights in a police cell.

And now the club have moved to ban the so-called LFC fan for life from Anfield. It's a move that will hopefully be a warning to the minority of idiots that support the club that hold the same sort of views as Gallagher: keep your views to yourself, or stay away from Anfield.

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