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  • David Tyrer

LFC fan who captured Salah abuse says stewards heard every word

News following Monday's match away at West Ham was much more disappointing than any draw, as it emerged that Liverpool's Mo Salah had been on the receiving end of some vile abuse from the home fans.

The Reds forward looked somewhat disheartened after the game and a Liverpool fan shed some light on this, when he released a clip on Twitter of the abuse Salah was getting from his vantage point in the home end.

This clip was quickly picked up by many major news outlets and West Ham scrambled to make an apology, promising to thoroughly investigate the video of one fan in particular chanting "Salah you f****** Muslim. F****** Muslim c***."

But today, the Red that record the clip - Sádat Yazdani - told the Liverpool Echo: "I'm a Liverpool fan. I live in London. I had to sit in the home end. I've never been to Anfield. It's quite saddening to hear something like that - but also I wasn't surprised quite frankly, because it's very common in football.

"It's much, much more common than people expect. The stewards could hear every single word he was saying. There were about 20 or 30 [stewards] in front of us and they didn't do anything.

"In that stand in front of me I could see about 30 stewards. One of them was just smirking."

told the Echo he was scared to speak up, being a lone Liverpool fan in the home end, but wanted to capture footage as proof. He continued: "I decided just to film it and hope a police investigation would follow.

"West Ham have contacted me and they're investigating it. There were no children around - I didn't see any in that stand. 154."

Both the police and FA have since been made aware of the clip, and are investigating the incident 'as a matter of urgency'. We'll see what comes of this over the next few weeks.

Salah was on the receiving end of some vile abuse on Monday night

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