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  • David Tyrer

LFC CEO Moore: Don't buy tickets from unofficial sources

If you didn't already know not to do it, LFC's CEO Peter Moore has today warned fans against buying fake tickets or tickets from unofficial sources outside the club.

As the Reds head towards another massive Premier League match on Sunday, demand for tickets will increase day by day.

Whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp groups or the various nefarious resale sites, LFC fans will 'find a way'. We always do.

But Peter Moore has sent a message to fans today, via "We know tickets are in high demand as we approach the end of the season.

"We continue to work hard to try to eradicate tickets being touted and we want supporters to be aware of fraudulent tickets that are being sold to innocent fans.

"Our message is clear: please don’t buy tickets from unofficial sources."

The official LFC website has listed what to look out for when buying tickets:

  • Perforation – there will always be a perforated line on the ticket which if torn will separate the ticket into two pieces.

  • Liver bird hologram – genuine Liverpool FC Premier League matchday tickets will always include the official silver Liver bird hologram, which sits in the middle of the perforated line in the ticket.

  • Embossed Liver bird – each ticket will also feature a Liver bird with ‘YNWA’ across it into the bottom left corner; you should be able to run your finger over the ticket and feel its indentation.

  • Serial numbers – on the back of the ticket, there will also be two serial numbers, one on the perforated section and the other on the main ticket. These serial numbers will match.

So don't be daft, is basically the message. Take care of where you buy tickets and don't go to just anybody out of desperation. If they're not official tickets, or re-sellers, don't risk it.

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