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  • David Tyrer

Lack of respect for Liverpool legend Paisley continues in '90Min' list

If you were to ask the general football fan who the greatest managers of all time are, they'll go to the obvious choices: Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola.

Some may go slightly further back, or be more knowledgeable, and suggest Bill Shankly, Rinus Michels, Johan Cruyff, or maybe even Jock Stein or Matt Busby.

But the sad fact is that most will almost always miss out Bob Paisley. The quiet man of LFC, one of the most important figures in Shankly's famous Boot Room who went on to become our greatest manager. And he's more often than not disrespected in that same way.

Sadly that disrespect continues in the latest click-bait article from 90Mins, who have compiled their list of the top 50 managers or all time.

Unsurprisingly, Alex Ferguson comes first. Most of these writers were probably born in the 90's so they probably don't know any better.

Pep Guardiola lands in 4th, behind Arrigo Sacchi and Rinus Michels, which you can debate amongst yourselves as to whether his achievements have earned him that place. No real debate about Guardiola will be complete without discussing how much he's spent.

But fast forward to number 10, and there's Bob Paisley. Behind Jose Mourinho. Who, like Guardiola, has spent an absolute fortune in his career to win around 20 major honours across a 19 year managerial career.

It's hard to argue against a lot of the managers in the top 10 being where they are, based solely on what they've won, how they've influenced football, or their lasting legacy. But Paisley changed the face of English football in the space of 9 years as manager.

He did that in the simplest way possible, never broke the bank and often worked with a small, tight-knit squad of 14-15 players.

Perhaps most importantly though, he won 20 major honours in those short 9 years. That's an average of over 2 trophies per season.

For what it's worth, his mentor and good friend Billy Shankly came in 19th, with Jurgen Klopp 26th and Rafa Benitez 35th.

All three of those men have huge personalities and haven't quite won as many trophies as their placings might suggest (which we know isn't the be all), but you have to wonder if Bobby had had a much bigger, more loud/abrasive personality would he be respected more?

Because as it stands, being one of the most successful English managers or all time, winning 3 European Cup and dominating English football for a decade and kick-starting English dominance during that time in Europe, doesn't seem to be doing him any favours still.

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