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  • David Tyrer

La Liga chief wants UEFA to punish Man City if found guilty of breaching FFP

The chances it'll happen are actually slim, to none, when you consider that they've already had the football authorities bending over backwards to accommodate them.

But the Spanish football head honcho, Javier Tebas wants UEFA to bring sanctions against Man City if they're found guilty of breaching FFP.

According to Tebas (quoted in the Daily Mirror): "I do know the Manchester City figures, where their income comes from and that figures don't add up to a certain extent, if we take into account the market figure, so I think that some kind of penalty needs to be imposed."

In honesty, it doesn't really take a maths genius to work out. But the club have clearly been spending large amounts of money outside of their profit margins for many years without punishment.

You also have to chuckle a little, when you consider that Barcelona have themselves been found guilty of the same offence, whilst Real Madrid are widely considered to be funded by the Spanish government by many. So it really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Should Man City be found guilty of breaching FFP, now that they've been referred to UEFA's financial watchdog, which isn't a good sign but we'll have to wait and see whether Tebas (and the footballing world) gets what they want and City are brought down a peg or two.




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