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  • David Tyrer

Klopp would stop games over in-match racism

It's an ugly situation which has reared it's ugly head again during the international break, as England's players were once again racially abused when playing away from home.

UEFA continue to be massive letdowns in their responses to the situation, regularly handing out pointless fines and rarely ever following on with investigations, but many feel like the problem has to be dealt with head-on from here on in.

Liverpool's own manager Jurgen Klopp would be in favour of stopping games if racism or chants from the crowd were directed towards players.

Speaking during his pre-Spurs press conference today, he said: "I don’t know what to say about it. I am so disappointed that in our world people still say things like this, people still do that. They use their voice for the completely wrong things. It’s so frustrating, I really can’t believe.

"I watched the England game, but without sound. So I was surprised when Hendo got a yellow card, when Rose got a yellow, when Rose was celebrating in front of the supporters. I thought ‘what’s going on there?’ but when I heard afterwards it all made sense.

"It’s not allowed to ignore it. We have to put the finger on it, speak loud about it. We have to finish finally that people are not allowed, and whoever is doing it, it’s not funny.

"It’s very difficult for me to feel the situation of Raheem, of Rose or of other players who face something like that, because I never had a situation like that. But whatever I could do, I would do. We have to stop games, do everything. I understand why Gareth didn’t do it, but we have to make clear that it is not allowed and not possible. Each punishment from my point of view is allowed.

"There were a couple of incidents in the last few weeks, not only racism but running on the pitch, stuff like that. It’s not funny, and we have to make that clear. So stop it."

Many current managers and players (both current and former) believe that taking their players off the pitch is acceptable.

Klopp doesn't necessarily believe that that's the case, but would definitely do the same if a whole section of a stadium is involved in chanting. The Reds boss says that doing that for one or two idiots is giving them too much power and they should be punished in other ways.




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