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  • David Tyrer

Klopp urges Liverpool fans to retain perspective ahead of Man City showdown

It'll be words that Reds fans won't really appreciate hearing too much, considering how much big games are hyped up these days, but Jurgen Klopp says today's game isn't crucial.

A win sees the team go 9 points clear of Man City, 8 ahead of Leicester and Chelsea, but a defeat suddenly sees City close in on us by 3 points. With the other two just 2 points behind.

In that sense, it is a crucial game. But Klopp has urged the fans to retain perspective, as there will still be 26 games to go after the Anfield clash later this afternoon.

Speaking ahead of the match today (via the Liverpool Echo), he said: "Nothing is decided today, not even close to it.

"There is enough to enjoy about this without turning it into something it's not.

"It's an amazing fixture for sure, but after today is done there are 26 more to come in the Premier League this season.

"This means 78 points up for grabs still. So come on, let's enjoy this as a special match. Important, yes, but far from decisive."

But a lot like the rest of us, the boss has admitted that he enjoys the matches about as much as we do.

Most of us spent the majority of last season on tenterhooks. With the title going down to the last day, so it's positive to know that the manager feels the same way about the individual matches too.

He continued: "I have been asked in the build-up to today, and previous games like this, whether as a manager I enjoy them.

"Honestly speaking, I don't enjoy the 90-plus minutes itself when it's happening, but that the case with nearly all games I've been involved with as a manager in my career.

"When you're in the moment you are working, so you don't allow yourself time to even think about whether it's something you enjoy or not.

"But I can enjoy the situation and I do. I take enjoyment and fulfilment from how my players have improved and grown together to bring us to the point that we are involved in great occasions like this."

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