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  • David Tyrer

Klopp: The boys will deliver; the rest is destiny

At the present time, it seems that no matter what the players in Red do, the players in light blue do as well.

While Liverpool seem to have found their attacking, goal-scoring prowess as the season reaches its end, Man City have found a way to start grinding the points out.

But Jurgen Klopp still has faith, he believe that, while his players continue to deliver, the rest is up to fate to decide.

Speaking ahead of the Champions League semi-final first leg, he said: "It’s a really good moment where we are because I go to bed and have football on my mind, I wake up with a line-up in my mind or a player running from left to right, shooting or whatever. That’s the truth.

"That’s not always nice; in the moment it’s nice because it’s all positive thoughts in my mind. In football, when you won the last game you can imagine to win the next. If you lost the last game it’s so difficult to imagine to win the next. That’s our life constantly.

"We won a couple of games and we are in a really good moment. I enjoy that. A few weeks ago people asked me if I can enjoy the period and I said, ‘Not really, it’s work.’ And it is work. But I like how my team are dealing with the situation; I’m really proud of the boys, how they deal with it.

"I think from the outside it looks so difficult and the boys deliver and deliver and deliver – that’s the cool thing. The rest is destiny. We don’t know. We have to do our best and we will see what we get for it."

The squad will arrive in Barcelona tomorrow ahead of the first leg on Wednesday, in a cup that now takes on much more significance (if it hadn't already) considering Man City have two relatively straight forward matches remaining.




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