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  • David Tyrer

Klopp thanks Anfield ahead of Wolves game

It's been a hell of a season, and could get even better, should results go our way today. But even if they don't, we've still had an amazing season, with another Champions League final.

Jurgen Klopp promised three and a half seasons ago that he'd be sitting there in four years time with a league trophy. But he couldn't have planned for a Man City side with near endless pots of money and a vast squad.

So finishing where we currently are won't prove him wrong, and it won't be the end of the world for Liverpool fans. Was it not for City, he'd have delivered on his promise to Liverpool fans already.

But, in true Klopp form he has given the Anfield crowd a big nod today, as he thanked the fans for their support throughout this brilliant season, with a couple more pushes still required.

He said, in the club's official match-day programme: "It is not possible to ignore the impact of Tuesday night, but I think it is on us – again all of us, not just the players – to make sure we take it and use it as an advantage. It was a physically and emotionally intense occasion. Of course, this affects human beings.

"The physical effects are that we have a few more players with bumps and bruises. At the time of writing these notes I’m not entirely sure who will be available to pick for certain today. But the emotional and mental effects must also be managed.

"This is why I think the togetherness between supporters and players is going to be at its most important. The fans are our energy source and it is a cast-iron certainty that there’ll be moments today when we need them. It is so important we only worry about our team and what is happening at Anfield.

"On Tuesday night we didn’t care what anyone outside of the LFC family thought about our situation – we were all about creating our own moments. Same today please. Let’s make today about us, as Liverpool, finding the joy that comes from the moment.

"What we do know is that our season does not end today because of what happened against Barca. But regardless, this is our last outing at Anfield for the campaign and as such I want to express gratitude for the amazing journey we have had together.

"I was asked in the post-match press conference on Tuesday night if Liverpool could have won the tie if we played in a stadium without any supporters. My answer was ‘no chance’ but it made me reflect on how blessed those of us who work here are.

"This season, although yet to be concluded, has been a privilege to be part of. And the privilege comes because it matters to more than just ourselves. If you only care about yourself what sort of life is that?

"There are so many things in the world at the moment that are more important and serious – we all know this. But what we do here – with our supporters – has brought joy. And it’s reciprocal joy – that’s why it’s special. The team performs for the supporters and the supporters give back to the team. It is a collective experience that is so positive. If only the rest of life was like this.

"I am so thankful for every person who has played a part in this until now. Of course, as I have said repeatedly, this isn’t a destination and our journey goes on regardless, but we can still find time to be appreciative of each other in these moments.

"Whatever happens, we are what we are because we have come together and we have all played a part. This is Liverpool now: a powerful collective who looks to live in the moment and embrace the joy of it.

"Thank you, Anfield – you are special."

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