• David Tyrer

Klopp still wants improvement from his Liverpool team

You'd think being top with 9 points from a possible 9 so far, and never looking in much doubt in any of those games would be enough.

But Jurgen Klopp, like all top managers, strives for more at all times. Liverpool have now won 12 straight Premier League games going into last season and are unbeaten since January of this year.

However, the boss has called on his players to improve on their performance against Arsenal on Saturday.

Speaking after the match, Klopp said: "If we could have controlled the game better, that remains our real challenge.

"It doesn't happen often but if it happens when you are 3-0 up or 4-0 against Norwich... Arsenal didn't really press any more. They were deep and together, and we kept passing the ball to their legs. It made no sense.

"The last 10 minutes I saw the possession - 53 to 47 or something like that - but over 80 minutes it must have been completely different. For 80 minutes we were completely in charge of the game. We are not Disneyland, we do not need to excite everyone in every second.

"We were still in attacking mood (towards the end), so we have to prepare these moments better. We have a lot to improve, but it was a big step tonight as well."

While the team ran out comfortable 3-1 winners in the end, the first half hour and last 15 minutes weren't perfect, with Arsenal having more joy at times than they perhaps should have done.

But purely in terms of results, there's no more you can ask of the players at this stage of the season. So any improvement in displays can only bring us more emphatic results.


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