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  • David Tyrer

Klopp should've told his players to target Rashford, says Owen

With a trio of first team players limping off before the end of the first 45 on Sunday, and another limping around for most of that time, there was a real chance for the Reds to press home their advantage but it just wasn't to be.

And former Man Utd and Liverpool striker, Michael Owen has upset a lot of Utd fans with his comments regarding Marcus Rashford's injury.

Speaking after that strange period during the first half, Owen basically suggested that Klopp should be telling his players to target the England striker because of his injury.

He said: "I tell you what, if I was Jurgen Klopp in that dressing room at half-time with Manchester United not being able to bring on another substitute, I'd be saying ' Right, First person, first opportunity, go and kick Rashford on the ankle that he has been limping on'."

But true to form, many Man Utd fans took to Twitter to have a predictable whinge about their former forwards comments. To which he responded: "Hadn't realised there were so many angels here on Twitter.

"For everyone in uproar over my comments yesterday, get real. As an ex-player I am employed to give my views and insights into what happens at football clubs all over the land.

"Nobody was advocating giving Marcus Rashford a serious injury but with three subs already used if his ankle was so uncomfortable he couldn't continue then of course that would be discussed in every changing room in the land."

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