• David Tyrer

Klopp reportedly instructed to focus on Premier & Champions League

It doesn't really take a genius to realise it but Jurgen Klopp has apparently been told the club's owners to prioritise the Premier League and the Champions League this season.

Let's be honest now, was it really likely that Jurgen would do anything else? In his three and a half years at Anfield, he has rarely given any importance to the domestic trophies. These reports come via the Mirror.

And at this point in time, Liverpool are a little short in some keys areas, so it's unlikely we'll make an all-out assault on the remaining six trophies.

But, of course, the media runs with the headline 'Jurgen Klopp instructed to sacrifice domestic cups'. What a total load of nonsense.

The club will win all trophies they are in, provided circumstances are right, but there's absolutely no chance Jurgen Klopp will be hell bent on winning the two domestic cups and rest players in the Premier League or Europe. And why should he?


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