• David Tyrer

Klopp reckons Mane and Firmino have benefited from Salah 'struggles'

According to Jurgen, if anybody has benefited from Mo Salah's goal-scoring 'struggles' of late, it's Sadio Mane and Bobby Firmino.

Those struggles have seen Salah score 20 goals, supplemented by 9 assists in just over 40 games but without a goal since he scored against Bournemouth, he's apparently struggling.

But if you listen to Klopp, that has only benefited Mane and Firmino, who have both scored 8 and 3 goals respectively since Salah last scored.

Speaking via the Liverpool Echo, he said: "100%. That’s how it is.

"If you have only one, you think maybe you rely a bit too much on that. This year we don’t rely on Mo’s goals, but he’s still in a very good position in comparison to all the other players. Seventeen goals is a good number, and there are still a lot of games to come."

The front 3 as a unit haven't been as effective 'on paper' as they were last season, when the trio managed 91 goals between them.

So far this season, they've scored a combined total of 54 goals. Still massively impressive but in contrast to last season, it looks unimpressive.

While Mane is on course to match last season's tally, Firmino is still only just half-way, while Mo himself has yet to reach half of last season's total. But the improvement in the defence has obviously had some impact on that, with the team losing just once in the league.

Klopp refuses to see that Salah is struggling though, and prefers to look at his overall quality and effectiveness, citing the own goal against Spurs as a direct result of his great work.

He continued: "You could see at the end, it was an own goal, it was his decisive header which forced it.

"Big relief there, I’m sure it felt like his goal. It’s not important if it counts, just that he was in the decisive position.

"How the ball went in was luck, but that Mo was in that situation came from the training ground. We wanted him to be in that position around the second ball.

"Usually Mo is not in the box for those second balls, but here he was and we stuck to that. I was really pleased when I watched it back."


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