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  • David Tyrer

Klopp on what it means to Liverpool to win the Super Cup

If you ask anybody but Liverpool fans today, the UEFA Super Cup means nothing. A glorified friendly. A needless bauble. It's the UEFA Charity Shield.

But don't tell that to Adrian last night, who celebrated like he'd just won the World Cup. Nor the players themselves who, after a gruelling 120 minutes, celebrated as hard as 2 months ago in the city of Madrid.

So when Jurgen Klopp was asked what it means to win the UEFA Super Cup, he told "I asked after the game again Millie and Hendo how do people see it.

"I'm not long enough in the country and was never in that game before. They said, 'Oh no, it's a proper trophy'. It's on a wall at Melwood, so good.

"They have to draw it again, to paint the wall at Melwood again, bring another number on the wall '2019' and a picture of whatever. It's big. How I said, I didn't know before the game how big it will feel. Now I know it and it's great.

"If I would again be in that game - which would be nice because it would mean you have won something before - I would now be more experienced. How I said, it's nice, really nice.

"But it's not about me - I don't only say that, I mean that - it's really about doing it for the people. From four opportunities in the last three months, we won two. That's good, that's absolutely OK."

The team will now travel to the South Coast for the match at Southampton on Saturday at 3pm, knowing that they can return to the top of the league with another three points.

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