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  • David Tyrer

Klopp on Oxlade-Chamberlain: His knee if fine

The news all Liverpool fans dreaded occurred after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain made his come-back appearance for the U23's last week: the Reds midfielder had come off ahead of time with an injury.

The return of Premier League action over the weekend ensured that there wasn't too much fretting and discussion about it over the weekend, but the return of Champions League action this week reminded everybody that we were still missing one of our star players.

Thankfully, Jurgen Klopp has issue a brief update on Oxlade-Chamberlain today. Speaking to this morning, Klopp said: "It’s not really surprising, it’s normal. The good news is the knee is perfect – nothing happened, that was our only concern.

"Football games are different to football training, that’s why he felt the muscle a little bit, and thank God we were smart enough to take him off, even if it was only five minutes earlier than we thought [before the game]. That made absolute sense. Nothing else happened.

"We always said he needs time. Maybe I’m a bit guilty for being too excited about it; if nobody asked me I wouldn’t start talking about Ox, to be honest, but they ask me and I say the truth – and the truth was it looked so exciting in training. But it’s only small-sided games, shooting situations and all that.

"It’s Ox, we all know and love him, that’s cool, but, at the end of the day, we all need to make sure we are ready for the big-size pitch. And for this he just needs time. It’s all good."

So, it's all good news in the end and the players remains on course to make his comeback over the next few weeks into April. Roll on Ox's comeback!

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