• David Tyrer

Klopp on Liverpool transfers: 'we are not in fantasia land'

After a pretty miserable afternoon today, a pre-season friendly defeat to Napoli, the Reds looked bereft of ideas and more than a little lacking at the back.

It's been talked about constantly over the past few months, how much the team needs at least a couple of players to be signed to supplement an already strong squad.

But so far we've only seen the acquisitions of 17 year old Dutchman, Sepp van den Beek, and today the signing of 16 year old from Fulham, Harvey Elliott.

Yesterday though, Jurgen Klopp was speaking about the club's transfer activity this summer and revealed that we're unlikely to see much more than that.

Speaking in an interview (via the Mirror), the boss said: "I can’t say anything about what other teams are doing. I don’t know how they do it. We invested money in this team. Now it looks like we are not. But we are not in this fantasia land where you just get whatever you want.

"You cannot do it constantly. It looks like there are four clubs in the world who can do it constantly. Madrid, Barcelona, Man City and PSG. Whatever they need, they do. You cannot compare that. That is the situation.

"It is not a criticism. I know how people will take it, that I am jealous or whatever. I am not at all jealous. There will be average games – but that doesn’t mean we need different players.

"It only means we need a team that is ready that day. And that is what we have to do. We have to make sure."


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