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  • David Tyrer

Klopp on his politics: Liverpool has a similar opinion to me

It was something that many no doubt knew, prior to Jurgen Klopp arriving at Anfield, that he was (in all ways barring actually saying the word) a socialist.

He's been asked for his opinion of topics like Brexit since he arrived in England, but whilst his views are of 'the collective'; all pulling towards the same goals, Klopp would never apply a tag to himself. His views are his views, that's all there is.

But the example of all players working in tandem to the same goal, no doubt comes from the former Borussia Dortmund manager's own political views: everybody benefits, gets an equal share, but they also contribute to the end product.

When he arrived at Anfield, one of the first most notable quotes from him was: "If I spoke to a player and he told me, 'If you were playing in the Champions League next year then I would be really interested,' I would put the phone down. That is what I would say to players. It is about pushing the train, not jumping on a running train."

So, with this at the forefront, it's hard to argue that Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp aren't a match made in heaven.

Liverpool is a staunchly socialist city, regardless of what the handful of outliers might try to tell you. An industrial city to its core, Liverpool as a whole would barely ever consider voting anything other than Labour. Only occasionally leaning towards Liberal Democrats.

And the manager feels that those values fall very much in line with his own, in an interview for the Independent with Jonathan Liew.

When asked if Liverpool feels in touch with his own values, he said: "It’s for sure there, but I have to learn that from other people telling me.

"I cannot experience it. The city and I, we are like fire and water. I cannot go in the city, otherwise it burns.

"A little example. Friday night is the staff night out. One person not going: it’s me. Otherwise nobody can have fun. I don’t miss that, it’s completely fine.

"What I knew was the importance of football in the city. That was something I fancied. The size of the club. The chances that I saw there. The potential. That’s what I liked."

But while the football is of the utmost importance to Liverpool fans, if a manager had differing views to the core support in the city, he may not be as welcomed. Something which is never going to be the case with Jurgen.

However, it wasn't something that originally attracted him. When asked if that was a part of what had first attracted him to the club although, again, his views are similar.

He said: "No. I had no clue about the political situation in Liverpool.

"I don’t think you really think about that when you sign for a club in Europe.

"You come to another democratic country - fine.

"Around the Brexit vote, I heard then that Liverpool had a similar opinion to mine."

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