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  • David Tyrer

Klopp on Champions League final: All the best things come in threes

Obviously, the reference there from Jurgen is that this will be his third Champions League final and he lost his first two.

Klopp first reached a Champions League final with Borussia Dortmund in 2013, losing out to Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich, before losing to Real Madrid in last year's final.

Klopp's Liverpool will take on Spurs in this year's final, Klopp's third in all, and the manager is hoping that it'll be a case of third time lucky this time around.

Speaking to (via the Liverpool Echo), he said: "In Germany we have a saying: ‘All the best things come in threes’.

"At Mainz, I missed promotion twice and we got promoted in the third season. We hope that it will repeat itself for the Champions League. I think it’s quite cool to be honest.

"It’s a fourth European final for me (including the 2016 Europa League), that’s cool. I have had good teams and the players have gone beyond their limits in order to qualify."

It's the third Champions League final for Jurgen, but also the third European final since he joined Liverpool, and hopefully his current team can push us over the line this time.

He continued: "Throughout the years, we’ve knocked out strong sides like Borussia Dortmund thanks to Anfield.

"Last season in the Champions League we knocked out a strong Manchester City thanks to Anfield. This year we knocked out Barcelona thanks to Anfield, and of course we beat Bayern. We know that we’ve managed to achieve all that together.

"Anfield is a crucial factor for us in Europe, but the boys have done a great job, we’ve played great football.

"The away game at Bayern Munich was the best away game my team have played at the European level. It is great to see that such a development is possible and that we can become even more dominant. So far, it’s been a great campaign for us."

On the topic of facing Spurs, he said: "We know each other pretty well and that’s it.

"But nothing else apart from that. It’s a final and you have an opponent and you have to prepare for it, look at their strengths, look at their weaknesses, that’s what you have to do.

"There are no easy games. In the Champions League there are no easy games, so why should the final be easy? Certainly not. So far we’ve always used our experience in these moments, during every moment in our season.

"That’s what we have to do. We have to play the football we stand for. We have to play LFC football. That’s the plan, and then it will still be difficult, but it was difficult in all the other games as well.

"We know that already, so why should we think too much about it? If we are really at our absolute top level then we are a difficult team to play against, but we know Tottenham are as well."

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