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  • David Tyrer

Klopp: LFC won't give up on Premier League

It's been a miserable couple of days if you're a Liverpool fan. In fact, it's not been the best few weeks, going from being 7 (potentially 9) ahead of the current Champions to now sitting a point back.

But by the time the Reds are in action again, the manager, players and fans should have dusted themselves off and be ready to jump over the next hurdle.

Jurgen Klopp will be the most important person over the next 9 games, as he looks to engineer an almost perfect run of results, starting with Burnley at Anfield on Sunday. And the Liverpool manager is not giving up anytime soon.

Speaking to, Klopp said: "We are positive – how couldn’t we be positive?

"There is a lot to come and a lot of games to play. What brought us here was the stability the boys showed. We are difficult to beat, which is very important in football. And we created, still, in difficult games, which is very important in football.

"Then you have to finish them off, which we did very often but not [at Everton].

"The dynamic [at the top of the table] changed a little bit – now we are second, they are first.

"The season is not over and we will not give up."

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