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  • David Tyrer

Klopp keen to keeping winning silverware at Liverpool

Obviously, it stands to reason, really. You don't win the Champions League and then sit on your laurels (stop moaning about transfers in the back there!).

But the Liverpool boss is keen to move on from here and keep on winning silverware, also saying that last season's achievements shouldn't be forgotten.

Speaking to, he said: "Of course we move on.

"It’s not that wherever we go it’s like, ‘Morning, we won the Champions League!’ But why should we forget it?

"It’s just something that should give the boys more confidence – that’s important. But if you only use confidence you have no chance, but nobody should worry about this team.

"It’s not about being finally satisfied, happy or done with our careers because we won the Champions League, there is so much to go for."

The Reds, as you might recall, won the Champions League barely over 5 weeks ago, and it was certainly something that was almost 4 years in the making, something that the manager, his coaching team and the players had been working towards.

But while that was a momentous night in the history of the club and in those player's careers, Klopp doesn't want it to be the only defining feature of their careers, or his reign at the club.

He continued: "We smelled really how it feels – we played the final, we won the final, we came into the city, we saw the city and saw the people. That’s something you can get addicted to, you want to have that much more often.

"It was very special, so you cannot forget it. It was very special. It’s something for the future when you look back on a career and nobody can take that away from you. But while you are in your career, as we all are, you have to use it as the next basis and to start new for the season because it’s a completely different season.

"But it’s all positive in the moment, of course.”




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