• David Tyrer

Klopp just surprised that Watford are fighting against relegation

You could see as the final few minutes of added time played out that Jurgen Klopp had accepted he was beaten by the better team on the night.

He walked quickly across to shake the hands of the Watford manager and his staff, acknowledging their victory and his own team's defeat.

But while many LFC fans may have seen something like this coming, with Liverpool not having looked themselves for a while now, Jurgen Klopp's biggest surprise was that tonight's opposition are battling relegation.

Post-match, he said: "The biggest surprise for me is that Watford are fighting to stay in the league. It’s incredible given the quality they have.

"We played West Ham away and were clearly better, then at home ‘wow’ it looks different. It’s because this is the moment where everybody is fighting like crazy and we fight all season like crazy.

"Tonight we lost that battle. What can I say now, that it’s not acceptable?

"It’s not that we don’t think it’s important because we won so many games, but we don’t think it’s the biggest catastrophe in the world of football."

Liverpool fans were, in general, fairly optimistic following the defeat which brought our 44-game unbeaten league run to an end. With many feeling that it has now taken the monkey off the player's backs.

It has seemed in the past couple of months that the players were playing in a stifled, pressured way, none more so than recently.

So now that that record is over, they can go back to the drawing board and start afresh. Their manager clearly feels that way as well.


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