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  • David Tyrer

Klopp happy right now, but says 'don't be surprised' if he retires in 2-3 years

Recall a few months ago, there were comments from Klopp from a couple of years ago where he stated that he was planning to retire in 5-6 years.

Fans of Liverpool, quite understandably, were a little alarmed by this. Considering we're about 3 years into that period now, it appears that Jurgen might be retiring soon, by those estimates.

There was also the point following the Champions League win, when Klopp intimated that he didn't want to start discussions over a massive new contract with FSG yet, because he was still keen to keep his options open regarding retirement.

But on being asked about his future at the Sport Bild Awards, receiving the manager of the year award, Klopp said: "I hope to continue like this, but within two, three years I don't know what may happen.

"Maybe I'll retire. That doesn't mean it'll happen, but if it does, don't be surprised."

It certainly isn't what Liverpool fans want to hear, as most of us hope he'll be here for another 20 years, at least!

But if he chooses early retirement, hopefully with a few more trophies in the bag, Liverpool fans wouldn't be able to quibble with a man that has made us the real deal again.

Let's just hope he reconsiders, though!

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