• David Tyrer

Klopp gives Firmino injury update

We've - touch wood! - been pretty fortunate with injury to our key players for large chunks of this season, apart from a centre defensive injury crisis from December-March.

So the news last night a couple of hours before kick-off that Bobby Firmino had a groin injury was not what fans wanted. Not least of all when rumours spread that it was season-ending.

Confirmation came in the form of team news that Bobby wasn't in the starting 11, or the squad and reliable sources added that he had a 'slight' groin strain.

But Klopp provided an update on the man that makes our attack tick after the match, saying:

"Bobby trained yesterday completely normal. It was not high intensity, we had to work on set-pieces a bit, a couple of things.

"I didn't see it in training, it happened obviously in the last situation in training, he felt the muscle a little bit.

"Now that's the official diagnosis: he has a small tear in a very small muscle. Apart from the word 'tear' everything is positive.

"It's Bobby so he might be ready for Wednesday, but we don't know obviously in the moment.

"Because it's him it's more likely than not, but we will see.

"Of all the badness you can get it's pretty much the best, but it's still bad enough that he couldn't play tonight."


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