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  • David Tyrer

Klopp expresses disappointment over Premier League's early start

As the Premier League season approaches, just a week away now, managers will start to assess their squads to decide who starts the first game, who doesn't.

Other clubs will be looking at what they've bought and lost, what they can still add. Others still will be huffing £80 million on mid-table English defenders.

But most will probably feel that thinly veiled panic as the new league season quickly gains ground and you'll no doubt see a few really random signings in the next six days.

For Jurgen Klopp, there is never any panic. Liverpool have signed just two academy players this summer, in Sepp van den Beek and Harvey Elliott, whilst there are some rumours that Philippe Coutinho could be returning on loan before it all starts again.

But for him, the real concern is why the new English season has to start so soon. Speaking ahead of the Community Shield (via the Mirror), Klopp said: "I would much prefer to have had the Sunday game because that would have given us two more days of preparation.

"We had the last game in the Champions League Final on June 1 and now the first game of the new Premier League season against Norwich.

"That doesn't sound it's exactly like it should be to me. Who can have this idea? It's crazy.

"I see people are excited and looking forward to the new season - but no one worries about the problems.

"That's why I have to mention them because no one else sees it.

"Our last game against Tottenham in the Champions league Final was three weeks after everybody played their last game in the Premier League.

"And I have a pre-season of problems with big tournaments in Brazil and Egypt which means Sadio Mane comes back to us after 16 days holiday."

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