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  • David Tyrer

Klopp delighted with LFC squad return today

It was the first time the lads had rocked up at Melwood in almost two months, but the return to training is a real boost for the players and fans alike.

And Jurgen Klopp was as delighted as anybody with our return, adding that it all went absolutely perfectly.

Speaking to today, following the team's first training session. Asked how his first morning back started, he said: "The morning started already really well – I woke up even earlier than usual, and then I realised it is my first day.

"It felt like the first day at school; for me, it was 46 years ago, but it must have been similar.

"I dressed myself in my uniform again – and for the right reason, for going to training. I drove to Melwood and was really happy to see all the boys.

"I didn’t see all the boys yet, I only saw 10 of them and the coaches, which is a good start, I would say. They all look in good spirits. The weather is brilliant here."

When asked how the first training session went, he couldn't contain how happy he was. Answering: "Perfect, absolutely perfect.

"The sessions were perfectly organised, it is all about football. It’s little things, getting used to the pitch, boots and ball, turns, passes, half-passes, softer passes, running, little accelerations and stuff like that.

"Little finishes, not proper shooting but little finishes, all this stuff. It looked really, really good, I have to say.

"If anybody was worried from our fans, you don’t have to – the boys are in good shape."

It is, as yet, unclear when the season will restart, but we're sure that after a full week of training, we'll get some more of an idea of when that is likely to be.

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