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  • David Tyrer

Klopp delighted with first 12 games but says 'It's only the start'

The seasons may well be only a quarter old, with 26 games still to go, but Liverpool find themselves 8 points clear at the top. 9 points clear of last season's winners.

It's a position that we found ourselves close to last season, but things feel different this time around. Liverpool fans aren't getting too excited just yet though, we're just happy for the wiggle room that the big lead provides us with a tricky period approaching fast.

The media though are all but declaring the season over. It's utter nonsense but the media in the modern game is all about hyperbole. If we don't win a game for a fortnight it'll be called a 'slump'.

But Jurgen Klopp isn't getting too excited just yet, despite how happy he is with how we've started, and says that there is more to come.

Speaking to, he said: "It’s just the start, that’s how it is, everybody knows that.

"If you would have told me that you can have 34 points [at this stage of the season], wow! It’s pretty much impossible but we did it but now the boys go for the last international break of the year. They have to come back healthy. You saw it how intense it was [against City].

"Hopefully they all come back healthy and then we go to Crystal Palace. I think the last games are somewhere on the planet on Tuesday in the week that we play on Saturday against Crystal Palace.

"So they will fly back on the Wednesday, Thursday have a recovery session and Friday, Saturday ‘Hello, Crystal Palace!’ That’s the situation so nothing happens so far but it’s still the best situation we could have asked for so let’s hope we can carry on."

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