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  • David Tyrer

Klopp defends Mane, not interested in talking about City

After being accused of being a diver by Pep Guardiola (although, he didn't necessarily specify Mane, it was implied), Jurgen Klopp has come to his player's defence.

Mane was seen to go down very easily under a challenge in the first half in Aston Villa's box, but on further viewings it was clear he had actually had his toe trodden on. Even if he did go down a little theatrically.

So when it came to the first opportunity to ask Jurgen Klopp about it today, the assembled press didn't pass up that opportunity ahead of the big showdown on Sunday afternoon.

He said: "I am not 100% sure if he spoke about Sadio or us in general," said Klopp in a news conference on Monday.

"I didn't hear Sadio's name or know how he [Guardiola] could have known so quick about any incident in the game.

"I can say Sadio is not a diver. There was a situation in the Aston Villa game where he got contact and went down, maybe it was not a penalty but there was contact. It's not as if he jumped over a leg and went down."

When the topic of Man City was brought up, he said: "I am not really in a Manchester City mode at the minute.

"I do not like to talk about it.

"The story the boys wrote in the last three years was only possible because we are always focused on the next game completely with all we have.

"We have big ambitions in this competition and it is still an open group with pretty much everything possible.

"We have to make sure we get these three points and that only works if we are 100 per cent focused on it. But I don’t doubt my players at all."




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