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  • David Tyrer

Klopp: Current LFC side the best final team I've ever had

According to the Liverpool manager, the team that takes to the field against Spurs in just 5 days time is the best he's ever managed.

For the first couple of years it would've been hard to question the notion that his team at Borussia Dortmund during their pomp was the best he'd had. But in the past 18 months, despite having yet to win anything, he has developed something truly special.

While the team is still yet to claim that first elusive trophy, the chance to claim the ultimate club football prize will be ahead of the Reds on Saturday night, and Jurgen Klopp believes they're the best he's ever managed.

Speaking during his mid-week press conference in Liverpool today, he told the assembled media: "I don’t like to blame my other teams, to be honest. I love them all because they all gave their everything.

"This team is doing well. I’ve never been part of a final with a better team than this, that’s true.

"But in different times for different reasons my teams were good as well. I’m not so surprised because the boys are, how we call it, a mix-up – potential with attitude – in the best way I ever saw or experienced.

"That’s just brilliant, it’s exceptional and that brought us where we are.

"We could have said a couple of weeks ago, ‘It’s not really likely that you will be champion at the end of the season’.

"Human beings are like that, you stop giving your everything because, only for a chance, we are not really ready – we want to have it for sure. [But] these boys did it for the chance for being there.

"They gave us a lot and showed us a lot. In the five or six days between Barcelona and Barcelona nobody believed more in this team than the team themselves.

"That was brilliant and that’s why we are here."

Liverpool have had to leap across several tricky hurdles, from Porto, to Bayern Munich, before meeting Barcelona in the last round. And despite finding themselves 3-nil down from the first leg, the team rallied, turn it around and roared into another final.

Now, the Reds will face fellow Premier League top 4 side Spurs in the final. Something which Jurgen is delighted about.

He continued: "It’s a sensational situation, being here again is great.

"We wanted it really desperately but it looked like it slipped through our fingers in the group stage already; we had a brilliant start in the Premier League but struggled a bit in the away games in our group.

"But did it in the most mature way you can do it, against an Italian side to have to win 1-0 is unbelievable.

"Since then, all our away games were really impressive, Barcelona not result-wise but performance-wise 100 per cent, Bayern Munich and Porto were really good. So I’m really happy that we can do it again."

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