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  • David Tyrer

Klopp could not forget how good Origi was

At the start of the season, not a single Liverpool fan could've seen it coming - Divock Origi scoring so many crucial goals for us this season.

Big goals in big games, cameos and important moments; these are all things that Origi had contributed when it's mattered for the Reds.

But while we may have done, Jurgen Klopp certainly didn't forget about Origi. The forgotten man who was one of the key men when Jurgen first arrived at Anfield three and a half years ago now.

Speaking ahead of the match at Anfield today (via the Liverpool Echo), Klopp said: "When you think about how much he was not playing, maybe you think that I don’t like the player that much or I don’t trust him too much. But that is actually not right.

"It is difficult to come in a team when you have Salah, Mane and Firmino. That is one thing.

"The other thing I cannot forget is how good he was until the Everton game when Funes Mori kicked him and then how long a player can struggle in the decisive moment of the year.

"Everyone was asking when he would be playing again and he thought he could play again in the Europa League final. For sure, that was a bit too early. Nobody knew that but we didn’t realise it then.

"Afterwards, he went away with the national team and there was no time to rest and everyone was asking: ‘What’s wrong with Divock Origi?’

"But you cannot be the same player when you have a bit of pain in each step, things like that. Then you lose confidence and we send him out on loan, he comes back but he needs time and in this business, nobody has time.

"But then showing up the way he did, it's been Divock Origi week. We don’t have to talk about the other night, there was the header at Newcastle, that was crazy.

"And we don’t have to talk about the header against Everton, and these two goals (v Barcelona).

"Divock was just so unlucky and I’m very happy that he is there again and he is really back on the landscape. It’s important for us and important for his development, so it’s all fine."

With Roberto Firmino not available today, Origi is likely to start our final home game of the season today.

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