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  • David Tyrer

Klopp 'blessed' to manage James Milner

At this point, after over 170 games for the Reds, few of us would disagree with Jurgen Klopp in this regard.

James Milner, or 'Jimmy' as he's popularly known amongst reds and 'Millie to the boss, is one of the most highly respected and highly experienced players in football today.

The fact that he's at Liverpool and still plays regularly just shows what a player, professional and, not least of all, a man, he really is.

So it's no surprise to hear Klopp say what he has about Jimmy. Speaking to, on the club's US tour today, he said: "There have not been many.

"I was blessed to have a few players like this; Sebastian Kehl, for example, at Dortmund was a more experienced player in a very young team and was a leader in that team, like Millie is. And I think Millie improved his football a lot in the last two or three years as well.

"His attitude is outstanding. Millie is a sports guy, in each sport he is doing he is brilliant. Without Millie it wouldn’t have been possible. His kind of a little bit dirty dressing-room talks, I cannot do, these things you say in the dressing room that I am not allowed to say in public. That’s the last little kick and that’s nice.

"We have so many leaders in the team: Hendo of course, Millie of course, Gini, Virg, all these guys, they are in a different way all leaders. They know what to do and they will know it for a new season.

"Millie looks again in the pre-season like [he’s in] in his early 20s; but he isn’t, he knows that, and we try to respect that. But he is not only in the game not really stoppable, in training it’s the same. All good."

Milner will no doubt pass 200 games for the club this season, something he hasn't done at any of his previous clubs, other than Man City. Wouldn't it be great for the 33 year old to finish his career having had his longest spell at Anfield.

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