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  • David Tyrer

Klopp appreciates supporters attitude after Man Utd disappointment

If he'd been on Twitter or other social media after the match on Sunday he may have thought differently, but Jurgen Klopp has thanked Liverpool fans for their attitude and support following a disappointing draw with a poor Manchester United side on Sunday.

LFC had squandered a huge chance to go three points clear, whilst also getting one over on the team's biggest rivals. But the Reds support was in defiant, full voice at the final whistle. Presumably preferring to see it as another point gained, rather than 2 points dropped as so many did.

And speaking in the Official LFC Matchday Programme ahead of the visit of Watford today, Klopp said: "Firstly, I would like to thank our amazing supporters for their backing and their warmth in Manchester at the weekend. Like everyone associated with LFC I was really hoping we could make the afternoon there a special one, so the 0-0 scoreline didn’t fulfil the ambition we arrived with.

"However, at Old Trafford, because of the layout of the stadium, to perform the media duties I have to walk pitchside after the game and up into their main stand to attend the post-game press conference.

"On Sunday, presumably because our fans were held back by the authorities, as I was doing this walk all our supporters were still in the away section. I always think after the game it is our responsibility to thank them, not the other way round, but I loved the reception they gave. Thank you.

"More importantly I loved the message they were sending. They were on the front foot. Our supporters were full of positivity for our position. I will be the first to admit we had not quite given them the performance we had all hoped for over the entire 90 minutes – but there were circumstances around this and our supporters are knowledgeable and appreciative of the desire and the effort."

The result was far from perfect and Liverpool's lead has now been cut to one point, and unless Manchester City drop any further points each round of fixtures from hereon in will come with an unbelievable pressure for the Reds to get a result.

But Klopp saw no nerves in his away support on Sunday, only a drive and utter defiance that should help the players tonight as they take on a vastly improved Watford.

He continued: "There was also a defiance in them that I really love. They were shoulders back, chest out and proud of what we do together. Absolutely the attitude and mentality we all need. I saw and I heard the passion and it filled me with belief and all I could think is ‘We are Liverpool’ and that’s all that matters."

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