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  • David Tyrer

Klopp adamant that Liverpool are going to Midtjylland for the win

As the Reds approach their final Champions League group game of the season, many fans - and players - would be forgiven for thinking it was just a free pass sort of game.

Not Jurgen Klopp. We should've known really. Many fans would be content to field the U23s, give Midtjylland their first win of the group and be done with it.

But Klopp is made of different stuff to most of us. No game is a free pass. He will put out a side he thinks can win and provide them with everything they need in preparation to do so.

In his pre-match presser this morning, when asked if he would field a team of youth players, he said: "Our squad is already very young, five or six players in the whole campaign so far.

"Yes, they will travel and then we make decisions. We have a session later. I have a few hours to make decisions. Our lineup is not finalised yet. They will all play a part in my thinking.

"It's the first time we haven't needed a result in the final game. We have to consider the general situation but we are Liverpool and we want to win the game."

That said, even with 9 or 10 changes, Liverpool could still realistically be strong enough to win. Topping our group with 15 points would be a welcome change to the final night struggles we've had in recent years.

But Klopp is keen to ensure that, whoever plays, their eyes are on the ball and they do exactly what is required of any of his LFC teams. He continued: "I want to see our way of playing, whoever plays. It's clear for the boys how intense we want to be for the opponent.

"There are lots I want to see but that is what I want in all the games. This game is only one part different that we don't have to win it.

"Usually as LFC you have to win every game. We want to win this game and it will be difficult as FCM are difficult and have grown in the competition. I am sure they will give us a proper fight. We have to be ready for that."

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