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Karius sues Besiktas over unpaid wages, claims reports

Liverpool's on-loan German goalie Loris Karius is apparently preparing to sue his club, Turkish side Besiktas, who haven't paid his wages for months.

The former Liverpool number one has been on loan to Besiktas for the past 2 seasons, with much of that time as the club's number one, playing 67 times before the break in the season.

But it's now come out that the Super Lig team have not paid Karius' wages on a number of occasions but the club are refuting claims, saying that they don't have to pay him at all.

One of the board members at the clubs said: "Karius has gone to FIFA over his unpaid wages and termination of his contract.

"He wants us to pay him for the months he hasn't played.

"He wants to leave and that's his decision. We don't want to make an undeserved payment."

The Turks are claiming that the failed payments are from the Covid19 crisis and that he doesn't deserve to be paid when the club aren't actively playing in games.

But a spokesperson for Karius has refuted those claims, adding: "I strongly condemn the fact that club representatives now want to portray Loris as a bogeyman. The payments have absolutely nothing to do with the corona crisis, even if the club likes to communicate it that way."

Check out Yahoo! Sport for the original quotes.

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