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  • David Tyrer

JW Henry: Liverpool are all in for Premier League this season

The 2018-19 season was a definite success. Both on and off the field, Liverpool excelled, making record earnings, finishing a point behind Man City in the Premier League and breaking all kinds of football records.

But nobody saw the win in the Champions League coming, particularly not after hearing so many so-called 'experts' telling Jurgen Klopp to turn it in in order to concentrate on the Premier League.

Due to that win though, Liverpool will be fully concentrated on the league next season, and the fact that City have repeatedly failed in the Champions League, as has Guardiola, it could give Liverpool a slight advantage that they didn't have during last season.

Those are thoughts that are echoed by the club's owner, John W. Henry, who told PA ahead of the Red Sox' first MLB game in London: "To me winning in Europe is bigger than winning in England but I think it's true the fans want it.

"I know we're going to be focused on winning the Premier League next year."

When asked about what the club was going to do in terms on strengthening the squad, he continued: "We need to get healthy.

"We need AOC (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain) back, we need a healthy (Adam) Lallana.

"It's not up to me but I would guess we will see more of Divock (Origi) next year. I think he brings something special, he comes with power and speed and brings in scoring.

"I feel really good about next year."

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